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Young Boy In Prayer for YOU!

Prayer translated into English: “Lord we ask you to kill Satan, we need your presence in our lives, we ask you to heal those who are sick, please guide us according to your Word, we thank you Jesus for those who help us, we know that one day when you will come down to reign, then Satan will be shaken. In front of my God Satan cannot stand. We thank God for His might that guides us, takes care of us and makes us walk in His ways. God tells us to fear not Satan, because He says “I am with you always, cast you cares upon the Lord.” How dare Satan harm you? My Lord is coming soon and Satan better watch out. God will slap Satan and he will fall down, We have to ask the devil to flee from us in Jesus name, Jesus died for me on the cross and the same Jesus can defeat Satan today. The day children of God face Satan in the name of Jesus, then Satan has no chances but defeat. Satan is small in front of us because we are the children of God. I kill Coronavirus in the name of Jesus! Come down Lord Jesus and break the power of Coronavirus, heal the people, Lord. In the name of Jesus I pray this prayer.  Amen!


LOVE for God compels us to rescue and raise orphaned, abandoned, under privileged and children in need to one day become national servant leaders.
(James 1:17)


We educate children in God's Word and train them to be servant leaders to reach their communities with the LOVE of God. (2 Corinthians 5:14)


We send graduates into communities as national servant leaders to rescue the orphaned, abandoned, under privileged and children in need and share the LOVE of God.
(Romans 10: 14-15)

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