Rescue Children In Need

Hopegivers has a unique approach to monthly sponsorship for the children. Instead of providing for the needs of one child while another child goes without, your sponsorship helps provide for the needs of all the children in a Hope Home. You can partner together with your family, small group, business or church to sponsor an entire Hope Home!

How does it work?

We RESCUE orphaned, abandoned, HIV/AIDS, under privileged and children in need and raise them in the caring, loving environment of our Hope Homes.

We SHARPEN these children with a quality education. We provide necessary technical training but we also teach them the Word of God. We operate primary and secondary schools and give them the opportunity to attend Bible College and Seminary.

We LAUNCH these well-trained young men and women back into their communities.  After completing Bible College, these young leaders are sent into hundreds of villages where they share the love of God by building relationships, Gospel plants and more Hope Homes. If you are interested in helping launch a Pioneer Missionary, please give here.

What does my sponsorship cover?

Your sponsorship each month helps provide shelter, food, clothing and an education for the children in our Hope Homes.