Investments in Hope

We invite you to consider partnering with us by funding one or more of the 
following projects:

Under $100

Hope Pack Campaign

From January to April we collect school supplies through our Hope Pack Campaign. A Hope Pack contains grade appropriate supplies, clothing and shoes.

Cost of Hope Pack - $50

Launch Campaign

From May to July our launch campaign helps provide a Bible college student with food and other necessities while they are students and then helps them financially as they develop their ministries as Pioneer Missionaries.

Cost of Launch Campaign - $50

Restore Campaign

Our restore campaign gives our donors an opportunity to help meet our current GREATEST NEEDS. Giving opportunity levels will be determined by Greatest Need. This campaign runs during the month of August. 

Hope Chest Campaign

From September to December we collect Christmas gifts through our Hope Chest Campaign. A Hope Chest contains clothing, shoes, a new Bible and a small toy.

Cost of Hope Chest - $50

Under $1,000


When our Pioneer Missionaries graduate and start launching out into the country, our goal is to provide them with a bicycle as a mode of transportation to use in establishing worship centers.

Cost of Bicycle - $125

Sewing Machine

We help widows by teaching them to sew, which provides a living for themselves. Upon graduation, our goal is to gift them with a sewing machine.

Cost of Sewing Machine - $150 - $250

Under $10,000


Once our Pioneer Missionaries have established several worship centers, our goal is to provide them with a better mode of transportation as they travel to several communities.

Cost of Motorcycle - $1,500


When our Pioneer Missionaries become established in their chosen communities, our goal is to help them provide clean water for their entire area. This gives us the opportunity to speak with them about “Living Water.”

Cost of Wells - $3,000

Under $100,000

Worship Centers

Once a Pioneer Missionary has gained the support of his local community by providing clean water, the next step is to help them build a worship center where they can meet for worship services.

Cost of Worship Center - $10,000 (and up, depending on location)

Hope Home

Once the community has clean water and a place to hold worship services, our goal is to provide a Hope Home where surrounding area children can be rescued, sharpened and launched. This is an on-going cycle in carrying out our Mission to spread the Good News in India.

Cost of Hope Home - $50,000 (and up, depending on building size)