Ministry Opportunities 

The need is so great, that we offer ministry wherever it is needed. Along with rescuing orphans, we also minister to others in need, such as the following:

Dowry Castaways

There is an Indian tradition where a groom and his family make demands for a dowry before marriage. They may later request additional demands. If the dowry is not fully satisfied, the husband will decide to get rid of the wife by creating a  “kitchen accident.” They pour kerosene on the wife and light her clothing on fire. Many of them die instantly. For those who survive, the recovery is excruciating. We have stepped out in faith to care for these burned women in a clinic and their children in a nearby Hope Home.

Monthly sponsorship: $75


Leprosy currently affects approximately a quarter of a million people throughout the world, with the majority of these cases being reported from India. In the late 1970's Dr. M.A. Thomas learned that leprosy is NOT hereditary, he knew the children of lepers needed to be rescued. That's when we started placing them in our Hope Homes. We help provide leper colonies wherever possible with a means to earn an income to feed their families within the leper colonies. 

Monthly sponsorship: $50

Children with HIV/AIDS

Children who are orphaned or ill due to HIV/AIDS are welcome to our Hope Homes that meet their specific needs. We provide them with an education of how to best care for themselves and how to deal with their physical challenges.

Monthly sponsorship: $35

Hope Vision

There are 37 million blind people worldwide and 15 million of those live in India. Of those 15 million, 26% are children. We rescue these children so that we can protect, educate and provide for their basic needs. We give them the good news of God who wants to bless them, love them and provide for them despite their blindness.

Monthly sponsorship: $35


 Widows are considered to be a huge burden. The care of widows in the Bible is not a mere suggestion. We restore purpose to the widows who are physically able to help in our Hope Homes, medical clinics, churches and schools. We also teach them a skill such as sewing
in order to provide for their families.  

Monthly sponsorship: $50